How to make that New Year fitness resolution stick at last


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It’s understandable why so many of us declare that we need to get fit each January. The Christmas vacation is over, you’re beginning to rue just how many entire chocolate boxes you gobbled your way through during the festive season, and you might vow to yourself that this year – finally, finally – you’ll drop those pounds and sculpt and shape your way to a stunning physique. 

Sadly, with one statistic suggesting that a whopping 60% of gym memberships go unused, it’s important to ensure you really can not only start, but also continue your exercise routine for long enough to achieve those desired results.

Here are just a few ways to maximise your chances.

Be realistic about what you can achieve

There’s certainly an art to setting a fitness goal that you actually stand a good chance of making a reality, instead of prematurely abandoning.

It’s one thing to aspire to lose 12 pounds by Easter, for instance, and quite another matter to run a marathon within just a few months, if you’ve barely done any running before. The latter isn’t just potentially setting yourself up for failure – it could also be unsafe.

The best advice is to start relatively slowly and modestly, so that you can establish a strong foundation of fitness before progressing to more ambitious exercise objectives.

Come up with a plan 

Different approaches to getting fit suit different people – not least as we can greatly vary from each other in terms of exercise preferences, existing lifestyles and day-to-day restrictions.

You will need to determine the days and times during the week when you will realistically be able to exercise, so that you can establish a predictable routine.

In addition, you should consider what type of exercise you will do – which should be one that you will enjoy. This will help to maximise your chances of continuing to exercise regularly.

Whether you walk, swim, run, cycle, lift weights or do something else, and for 10 minutes a session, 30 minutes a session or longer, it’s important not to be overly concerned with what everyone else is doing, instead focusing on what works for you.

Choose a gym membership and health club that you actually like

The most obvious advice here is to use a health club or gym based close to your home or place of work – but the many Hertfordshire residents who choose Manor of Groves for their gym membership in Stortford don’t usually do so on the basis of our location alone.

After all, our Health Club really is one of the most comprehensively equipped in the area, boasting the likes of a sophisticated three-tier Techno Gym suite, 20-metre swimming pool, spa, sauna, steam and Jacuzzi – all in pleasantly tranquil woodland surroundings.

When you also consider our various membership plans – encompassing Full Peak, Over 60s, corporate packages and more – it should become clear just why so many people favour Manor of Groves when on the lookout for the best-suited gym membership in Stortford.

Remember that having the right environment is (almost) everything when it comes to attaining your fitness goals over the coming year! That’s why Manor of Groves might just provide you with the ideal platform for exercising longer, harder and stronger during 2019.   

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